Wisconsin Area Ghost Investigators Society


We are a team of Ghost Investigators in the Mosinee and Wausau Area that investigate all over the state in search of Ghosts or Paranormal Activity. We investigate homes and business or other buildings that you feel may be haunted or experience paranormal activity free of charge. We have investigated a few cemeteries and that is where we train our new members before we have them join us on an investigation. We have had encounters in two cemeteries, one of which is the notoriously haunted Lawrence Cemetery in DePere, and one in Northern Wisconsin on Hwy B just South of Land O' Lakes. We have a picture of what we encountered at the Hwy B Cemetery on this web site. It was not visible to us when we took the photo with a digital camera. We will add photos of interest when we take them and rest assured, we do not tamper or alter our photos. We do not believe in trying to fool our interested readers, researchers or other ghost hunters. We take ourselves very seriously and try to debunk anything before we post it on this web site.

We have been asked by many clients already in the past two years or so to help them out by doing an investigation in their home or business. Our clients want and need verification if what they are experiencing is truly paranormal or if they just think they are hearing or seeing things. We go in to try and debunk as many of their claims as possible and then take back the evidence to show them what we have found if anything. Our clients are very pleased with our results and appreciate the understanding and full service we offer to them. They know we are not there to make fun of them or ridicule but to help them get the answers they are looking for. We thank them all for the opportunity they have given us.

Paypal Donations will be used for Cemetery Vandalism Restoration

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